Monday, December 8, 2008

Lyla's birthday party

Decorations:Cupcakes (notice the butterfly theme):

Lyla and Daddy!!
Meggy and her daddy!!
Ian and his daddy!!!
Sadie and her daddy!!!
Kids playing!!
Josh and Ellie!!!
Go, Meggy, go!!
Getting ready to open presents!!!
Time for presents:
Here comes Sadie, ready to help!Yay! Storybook Bible!

Yay!! Noisy toy!! Super cute and educational!! (I was quite relieved later to discover it has both a "low volume" setting and an "off" setting)
Yay! Princess papasan chair!
Hey! My presents!!
Oh man! I can climb all over this thing!! Mom and dad won't let me fall over so I can do whatever I want!!
Now it's time for my birthday cupcake!

Mmmm... messy and delicious!