Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uncle Ben stops by on his way to Beantown

Mmmmm.... rice and beans.... er, not that Uncle Ben. Ben, Ben our friend from San Diego whom we met at Kaleo. Ben recently left San Diego to move back to Boston with his lovely wife Lisa. Ben has family that lives in Grand Rapids and so made lovely GR part of his trip across the country. Though the visit was brief, it was great to spend time with him, to have him meet Lyla (who he had only known when she was Button, who coyishly hid behind Katherine's uteran wall). We really enjoyed hearing about his wedding and adventures in San Diego and their plans for the future. I'm sure we shared some information with him as well... it wasn't just one sided. Anyway, here are pictures from the visit. One thing to note was that Lyla was not afraid of Ben despite the massive and awesome spectical of his beard. I don't know if she's over her shy phase of if I've conditioned her to be comforted in the presence of awesome beards.